16th November 2023

Gross Encounters: One-Night Fright Festival was organized by artists Noam Toran and Reem Saleh in collaboration with students from the Space and Communication Master’s program at HEAD Geneva, with an invited artist line-up. The evening featured talks, performances, screenings, and sonic expressions, exploring Barbara Creed's definition of the monstrous feminine trope in horror cinema and its socio-political ramifications. The event began with a presentation by The Monstrous Feminine Podcast, followed by a live Foley performance by Julie Cail, and concluded with a talk titled 'Ugliness in the Gaze of Horror' by Ervehea Ziza. The scenography was designed by the Space and Communication students with assistance from Vincent Grange and Tanguy Troubat of Collectif Kimera. The event saw around 100 people in attendance.