Popote : A collective recipe book

French/ English

Published in:
February 2024

35.5 x 23.5 cm

- 14 recipes
- 2 essays (Cooking Identities and Hey Woman, Are You a Roti? Patriarchy and Indian Flatbread)
- 1 magnet and 1 ceramic spoon

Kimera is 10 bellies holding an endless number of culinary delights, memories and reflections. For us, the act of cooking and sharing meals stands as a highlight for mutual exchange and care. Using food beyond sustenance, it acts as an ingredient in cooking our own cultural heritage and memories, being an edible memory. A way to voice in harmony, bring all flavours of Kimera together, to ground ourselves in the present, within the collective and by extension within society. Popote: A collective recipe book, as the name suggests, includes several recipes that are meaningful to the collective members. Additionally, it has a few reflections in the form of two essays, from our collective member, Ankita and a guest artist, Pallavi Keshri.

Write to us if you would like a copy!