21 June 2024 - 29 June 2024

21 June, 18h onwards
29 June, 17h onwards
Open on
22 June, 27 June & 28 June,
from 17h - 21h
List of exhibiting artists
Vincent Grange, Camille Bellmas, Tristan Bartolini, Yel K Banto, Hsuan Lee
Guest artists
Lara Chanel and Juliette Yasmine

Performance by
Lara Chanel and Juliette Yasmine
- 21 June at 20h
- 22June at 19h
Text by
Danniel Tostes
Tarot reading at finissage by
Fernando Ares Otero
©France Bellmas

Taking place during Pride Month, the exhibition titled ‘Læ Fol, l'aube et l'étoile’ (The Fool, The Dawn and The Star) brings together five artists from Collectif Kimera, celebrating their queer identities, from June 21 to June 29 2024 at Dukat. 

Using a large-scale artistic intervention, the artists metaphorically invoke their fluidities. Together, their individual works interact within an immersive installation evoking a fictional world — a liminal space where tarot archetypes come to recharge, winged chimaeras emerge from the closet, and beings with multiple identities float in a saline landscape...

The space extends scenographically to welcome guest performers Lara Chanel and Juliette Yasmine Mello, who will present their choreographic piece ‘Surely no other driftings will taste the same sweat’.

Born of a collective spirit, ‘Læ Fol, l'aube et l'étoile’ is a narrative where the voices of each artist converge to form an ocean with reflections of pride, resistance and celebration.